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Monday, November 7, 2011

Intelligence Design Lab

There is now next generation software being regularly updated, the Intelligence Design Lab shown below. Its large round eyes with a mouth in the middle is a good approximation of overall geometry resulting from flattening of 3D dynamics to a flat-land world with no up/down. This greatly simplifies the modeling task without loss of relevance to real-world biological systems:

Includes a Theory of Operation in notes, for information on how the circuit of it works.

The core model of this theory is an Intelligence Algorithm that models the systems biology interaction required to produce intelligence, using an algorithm optimized for digital RAM memory systems of a personal computer. Neural networks are another way to achieve this system interaction, biologically accomplished by molecular intelligence systems that similarly have spatially and chemically addressed genes for data elements. There is here a small fast algorithm/circuit for generating rudimentary intelligence, to control the molecular, cellular and multicellular intelligence of virtual entities.

Source code written in Visual Basic 6.0 along with .exe run file that does not install anything that later requires uninstalling:

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